We’re seeking people who think they’re going to “retire” – whatever that means – within the next 5 years to tell us about their experiences with preparing for the next phase financially and otherwise.

It’s a 2-hour conversation. We’ll bring cookies. (Or fruit, if you’ve had too many cookies over the holidays).

We put “retire” in quotes because we’re wondering what it really means these days. And that’s the conversation.

I’m going to ask questions about what your big worries are in preparing, what you think the event of retiring will be like, and what happens afterward. We will talk about money, but no specifics.

Times and dates available – BOSTON:

  • January 11 evening
  • January 12 afternoon or evening
  • January 13 late morning
  • January 26 afternoon

Besides the cookies, we’ll also pay the participant $150.

Ideally, we’d also like to have the person there who the participant makes all their big decisions with. That person will also get cookies and $150.

I will come to their house, if they’re okay with that.

We don’t care how old they are or what they’re retiring from. Timing is more important. And if they’ve “retired” more than once, we’d love to hear about that.

Interested? Know someone who is? Contact Sandy Olson or Dana Chisnell.